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Nillkin CP+ Pro Tempered Glass review -high quality- The new Flip 6 is more open and airy with deeper bass Tuesday, May 03, 2022 - by Soumya Roy watch on youtube
Nillkin cp+ pro Tempered Glass review so smooth and fits nicely This tempered glass feels as smooth as corning gorilla glass Tuesday, May 03, 2022 - by Soumya Roy

picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
Nillkin offers tempered glass of different designs and versions for the same smartphone. This is the CP+ Pro version that they released for OnePlus Nord. There is another version available which is called H+ Pro tempered glass. Personally, I like the H+ Pro version more than the CP+ Pro version because there is no bezel in H+ Pro which makes it easier to install. No matter which version you prefer, nillkin tempered glass offers high quality under budget and this product is no exception by offering great value for your money. I am gonna share my long term experience and opinions in this review to clear your mind.

IF you like clean, smooth and high-end user experience, then this glass is a good choice for you. The price is just right as you get high-quality reliable materials here.
Nice Design
Quality Materials
Smooth Surface
Curved Edges
Good Build
Price Variation
Proximity Sensor Problem
Uneven Corner Curve
Bezel Overflow

Inside the Box
I like the box. It's a flashy looking hard paper box. You will find a plastic box that opens up like a sandwich and inside the box you will have your things. So as far as the things go, there is one CP+ Pro tempered glass pretty secured inside a foamy pouch, one user manual that will tell you how to install the glass properly and one ancillary kit for the installation process. The ancillary kit is really helpful because you get a clean­ing cloth, a wet cloth and stickers for necessary pur­poses that I will tell you in the installation section. Actually you can easily install it using those kits by being confident and reading this article. I am gonna tell you everything that you need to get you up and running on your own.
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picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass

Design and Build
The design of the tempered glass is good enough but the radius of the corners curvature is more than the original curvature radius of the smartphone's corners. So you will see the tempered glass has more curved corners than the phone. As a result the actual display will get cut in the corners. But it's neither terrible nor too much, so overall I think it's okay. The tempered glass has really high quality build materials. That's why the glass surface is really really smooth if you compare this tempered glass with a cheaper tem­pered glass. It almost feels as smooth as 1+ Nord's front and back Gorilla Glass 5.
picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
This CP+ Pro version has pretty thin pure black bezel around the edge for better viewing experience. After installing the tempered glass by myself, I now know that there is plenty enough adhesive glue to cover the whole surface properly without any bubble. The quality of the adhesive is also pretty good. So don't worry, everything will feel pretty high in quality. The tempered glass layer is 0.33 mm thin. Features are discussed in the features section.
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Fit and Finish
The fit and finish is a really important part to consider when we think about tempered glass. I was very happy as soon as I started using it because the glass sur­face was so smooth. It feels good while doing touch movements and the touch response is also very good. One very impor­tant thing to me is how good the edges are, like are they curved and smooth ...? I am happy to say that this tempered glass has nice and smooth curved edges. The thin bezel of the glass provides a good fit and clean look around the dual punch camera in my OnePlus Nord.
picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
As far as the fit and finish goes, it is actually checking every box but there is one small catch. This CP+ Pro version has small black bezel around the corners to stop light reflection. But no matter how precisely you install the glass on your device, the black bezel will cut little bit of dis­play area from both left and right sides. The corners are more curved than the actual display, so the tempered glass will also cut some of the corner area from the display's visual area. That's why I kinda like the H+ Pro version more.
picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
But I don't think this is a big deal because most people won't notice this and I don't have any user experience with the H+ Pro version, so don't think that version is free of issues. I've seen cheaper tempered glasses cutting significantly more display area than this one. This one doesn't even cut from top and bottom if you install it right. More about this in the user experience section. Overall I think the fit and finish is pretty good that can make you satisfied.

Features & Protection
This glass is full of features and they are really appealing to make you fall for it. As it's being made from carefully selected Japanese AGC glass material using HARVES nanotechnology, the Nillkin Amazing CP+ Pro offers amazing protective features for your smartphone. It maintains the quality, color and depth of your display with its super high light-transmitting properties while offering maximum protection. It also has an anti-glare coating which prevents the glare from external light sources. The surface has a super thin oil coating that protects your smartphone screen from fingerprint stains, as well as oil stains and dirt stains in addition to providing a UV filter. This screen protector is made of 9H hard tempered glass which is scratch-resistant and shatterproof. It's using high precision CNC cutting technology.
picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
As it provides HD visual experience, you should expect something like there is nothing on top
of your display. The latest arc screen technology and 2.5D arc treatment which makes the glass protector comple­tely cover the arc edges of phones is pretty sweet on paper. This glass also has anti-burst technology to avoid crack and drop of cracked glass. Now this is gonna sound fancy that it has many layers like nano oleophobic coating, super tempered glass layer, HD anti-glare coating, anti-burst film layer, silicon coating and adhesive layer.

User Experience
The user experience is a pretty big deal when we talk about tempered glass. When the tempered glass is cheap, usually it's not so smooth rather kinda feels like the surface has grainy texture. Anything other than smooth isn't good for touch movements. I am glad to say that this glass feels as smooth as the stock high quality Gorilla Glass 5 in my Nord. The CP+ Pro version is very smooth to the touch and this takes the user experience onto a whole another level. You may want to use your phone more than you used to after installing this glass because it delivers an easy, clean and smooth experience.
picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
Their 2.5D arc treatment makes the glass edges com­pletely cover the arc edges of phones and this feature is doing a great job by preventing dust from getting in between the glass and phone surface. One weird thing I found is, the top layer sticks out a little bit like 0.5 mm from rest of the layers. Probably to make the 2.5D arc tech work. There is overflowing black bezel on both sides and corners, but it's only 0.5 mm from each of the two lateral sides. This isn't a deal breaker and the installation is easy so overall, the UX is pretty special as a treat for your phone.

The installation process is pretty easy but probably not as easy as some glasses that provide a frame to install the glass in the right place. So to install the glass, make sure that you are in a clean place where no visible dust is flying around. Then remove the pre-applied screen protector from your phone and use the wet cloth from ancillary kit to clean phone surface. Then use the soft high-quality nillkin branded cloth to wipe everything and dry-clean the surface properly. If you see any dust particle on the surface even after cleaning it then you should use the dust separating sticker to catch dust fleck.
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Now with your clean hand take the CP+ Pro tempered glass out of its plastic holder. Then hold the bottom left and right side of the glass and try to align top, left and right bezel while lifting the bottom up quite a bit so that your fingers don't touch the surface. If you want to use both hands then after initial alignment put down the top portion.
picture of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
You should keep the phone on with a white like skin as a screen background to see the bezel clearly. Don't touch the contact surfaces and there is still time to remove any dusty atom with your other hand because dust can create annoying bubbles. After aligning the glass bezel with the phone bezel, try to bring the bottom side close to the phone's surface slowly and make slight left right adjustments to get a perfect fit. Please don't forget that the glass's black bezel placement is not dead accurate with your phone's bezel. So if you can't make a perfect align­ment just create a proper balance so that the glass doesn't look like it's being shifted towards one side like off-centered placements.

So yeah after keeping a balance on both sides slowly leave the glass on the surface. If the adhesive glue doesn't start to spread out on its own, then make a small push in the middle of the display and let the adhesive settle on its own. If you see any bubble or any area uncovered try to fix them using pressure from your finger. The adhesive is good enough so that it will settle and cover the whole area easily on its own in most of the cases.

The price is pretty high on their website but you can get this at a much cheaper price from online or locally. Price will vary from 10 to 15 USD. At 15 USD, there's OnePlus's 3D tempered glass but I like this one more. So it's not a steal or big bang for the buck kinda thing but if you get it for 10 dollars, then that can be a pretty big steal. I got this for around 10 dollars, so that was pretty cheap. I have discussed everything in detail and I think overall this one is a great alternative. CP+ Pro tempered glass offers high-quality reliable build mate­rials and the user experience is also good enough for me to recommend. Check out my review of the nillkin super frosted case which is very simple but clean and gorgeous looking low profile case.
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The tempered glass actually doesn't interfere with nillkin phone cases. I think there is enough clearance to fit almost every low profile case that you can find in the market right now. I think I've covered everything that you need to know before making a decision. I am using it daily for more than a year now and being picky about the issues, I still like it so much because the experience is excellent so far. Check the official webpage to explore their presentation.

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