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OnePlus Nord review - balance is the key
Anker soundcore motion+ detailed review
Anker soundcore boost speaker review
Nillkin super frosted matte case review
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Anker soundcore motion+ bluetooth speaker detailed review
How to link Payoneer with PayPal
Soundcore Space One vs Sony WH-CH720N - mature Sony
Soundcore Boost speaker detailed review - so punchy
How to use Mutation Observer - hide unfilled AdSense ads
Nillkin Super Frosted matte case review - nice and clean
Soundcore Motion Boom+ is louder than boombox 2
Nillkin CP+ Pro Tempered Glass review - very smooth
Mpow M30 earbuds are the king in budget category
Best budget RGB led strip - make life more fun than ever
Anker Soundbuds Slim+ earbuds review - well balanced
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photo of soundcore boom 2 vs motion boom
The Boom 2 can sound very bass-heavy at lower volumes. But the boosted bass helps at higher vol­umes. The power is massive over the old Motion Boom. New Boom 2 is signi­ficantly louder  more ...

photo of soundcore boom 2 vs motion boom plus
New Boom 2 packs the same 80 watts of power as the Motion Boom Plus but in a much smaller body. The single racetrack woofer produces massive power to hang out with the big boys  more ...

photo of soundcore motion 300 vs bose soundlink flex
Motion 300 has decent bass but becomes bass-light and way louder than Flex at higher volumes. Bose holds onto its bass by the cost of loudness. This makes the Bose more pleasant to listen to at higher  more ...

photo of soundcore space one vs sony wh-ch720n
In this detailed comparison, Sony wh-ch720n has a more mature sound. But the Space One has better Noise Cancellation. The ambient mode is more natural on the Sony. Soundcore looks  more ...

photo of samsung galaxy a14 5g smartphone
In my long-term review, the main camera on the Galaxy A14 is pretty good. Battery life is also very good. But the performance is mediocre. Apps opening and closing animations  more ...

photo of google pixel fold vs samsung galaxy fold 4
In my detailed comparison the Google Pixel Fold can shoot better photos, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a faster Snapdragon processor. So Z Fold 4 is superior for gaming. Even though  more ...

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photo of soundcore liberty 4 earbuds
Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds offer v-shaped sound signature. They have crazy features like spatial audio and heart rate monitoring. But the sound signature is subjective as it has  more ...

photo of bloody j90s gaming mouse
The main reason to choose this mouse was because of its symmetrical design, which looks even on both sides. It just looks right from every angle. The shape of the mouse and  more ...

photo of soundcore boost speaker
The most important and useful feature is it supports the soundcore app and TWS pairing. You can do a lot with the app which is exceptional in this price range. This app is a huge deal  more ...

photo of nillkin cp+ pro tempered glass
The cp+ pro version of nillkin tempered glass is very high quality and smooth. The fit for oneplus nord's display is on point. It has curved edge and plenty of adhesive for clean installation  more ...

photo of nillkin super frosted phone case
The quality is very good and it's a nice clean design. The fit and finish is also good. It's a hard case and can provide some protection. Only downside is very hard to remove from phone  more ...

photo of soundcore motion plus
Motion+ has an excellent design and build that can really help with the sound dispersion and nice stereo separation. I have played with the eq bands quite a lot and they are real eq  more ...

photo of how to link payoneer with paypal
Step-by-step guide for linking your Payoneer global receiving bank account to any PayPal account. Maybe your country doesn’t support PayPal or you have both but you want to  more ...

photo of pixel buds A-series
As the earbuds have a really small form factor, they feel really light and comfortable, which is what everybody wants. The nice contour of the buds that goes into your ear canal seems  more ...

photo of mpow m30 earbuds
Mpow M30 is true wireless stereo but you get two modes here called mono and shared. So that means you can use both earbuds or either of them for music and call while the other one  more ...

photo of google pixel 6a smartphone
Google pixel a series smartphones always offer in­credible value in the midrange category and they are so special to tech enthusiasts. I am really excited about the upcoming Google Pixel 6a  more ...

photo of soundcore motion boom plus speaker
Motion Boom Plus is the big brother of Motion Boom which was killing similar sized portable BT speakers from big brands like JBL, SONY and also beating some much bigger expensive  more ...

photo of Anker SoundBuds Slim Plus earbuds
These buds have a really nice design considering that they were released several years ago. Their simple, clean and gorgeous design can still hang out with the modern looking tws buds  more ...

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